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Thread: Looking for feedback on hardware setup changes

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    Looking for feedback on hardware setup changes

    I have dual boot ubuntu 11.10 and windows 7 running on my desktop system which is

    asus m3n78 pro motherboard
    amd phenom 9750 quad core 2400 Mhz
    4 Gb memory
    1.5 tb seagate hdd

    What i am wondering is would it be worth it to get a ssd and dual boot the os's or run the windows through a virtual setup. The main thing i use windows for is a couple of games and burning dvd's. All of my video's i watch on ubuntu. Plus i am also starting to get intrested in messing around with android os on phones and tablets so this would be my main rig for the sdk/jdk.
    Sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong forum please move it to the right one.
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