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Thread: Looking for feedback on hardware setup changes

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    Looking for feedback on hardware setup changes

    I have dual boot ubuntu 11.10 and windows 7 running on my desktop system which is

    asus m3n78 pro motherboard
    amd phenom 9750 quad core 2400 Mhz
    4 Gb memory
    1.5 tb seagate hdd

    What i am wondering is would it be worth it to get a ssd and dual boot the os's or run the windows through a virtual setup. The main thing i use windows for is a couple of games and burning dvd's. All of my video's i watch on ubuntu. Plus i am also starting to get intrested in messing around with android os on phones and tablets so this would be my main rig for the sdk/jdk.
    Sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong forum please move it to the right one.
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    Re: Looking for feedback on hardware setup changes


    What you have already and the way it's set up looks fine to me. Virtualising Win inside Ubuntu means you need to dedicate some RAM to it and you have enough for that.

    You're kind of asking two separate questions here: Should I run the OSs on an SSD AND should I install Windows as a virtual machine inside Ubuntu.

    1/ SSD install would be faster but doubtfully noticeable to the human species (although those in the know may like to chime in here).

    2/ A virtual install is going to need some dedicated RAM (so you get 2Gb RAM per OS, say).

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    Re: Looking for feedback on hardware setup changes

    SSDs do have a limit of something like 100,000 wrights on any given cell. Also they have a randomizing routine so the cells are moved around so no one cell is always written to.

    With that said, you should not put your SSD where the system is always wrighting, like cashing or paging. A machine can generate a bunch of wrights in no time and your expensive SSD will start to fail.

    Just some awareness here.


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