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Thread: Ubuntu one the new kid on the movie block.

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    Ubuntu one the new kid on the movie block.

    Ok a few years back people wanted a ubuntu one movie store via ubuntu one. With the future of ubuntu tv this is the perfect thing to sell to people. Now this idea could be done one of two ways.
    1. Service could be done like netflix with a monthly fee and watch whatever you want.

    2. Sell movie and tv shows like amazonprime instant video and charge people to purchase episodes, seasons and movies and have them instantly added to the members cloud.

    Now with ubuntu tv this gives that apple flare but less expensive.
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    Re: Ubuntu one the new kid on the movie block.

    I am happy as long as the Movie Files are DRM free and in an open format I can use on all my devices..

    The lacking thereof is what is stopping me from using the itunes store.

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