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Thread: ATi Radeon 5450 HDMI problem

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    ATi Radeon 5450 HDMI problem

    Hi guys,

    OK so back in February I bought the Ati Radeon 5450 graphics card as I wanted a dual monitor setup. After I got it, I hooked my VGA monitor and my HDTV up to the card ( via HDMI ), and managed to get this setup using the official driver (ATi Catalyst Control Centre) and enabling Xinema.

    But about a week ago I decided to test another VGA monitor out, so I disabled Xinema, hooked up the 2nd monitor and did the same as the above.

    After this, I switched back to the original VGA monitor doing the same as the above. I booted the system up and during POST the VGA monitor was the only one to display anything, the HDMI monitor/tv was saying it wasn't receiving a signal. ( Strange )

    I know for a fact its not the following ( as I tested them )
    1. The TV and original HDMI cable are working fine ( I hooked them up to my XBox 360 )
    2. The card is in full working condition ( I first thought it was a fault with the card so I had it replaced )

    I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 as my only O.S

    Sorry for the long windedness of the thread, but could this be due to the O.S? or more to do with the BIOS?

    Thanks in advance for any help given.

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    Re: ATi Radeon 5450 HDMI problem

    New duplicate here:

    Thread closed.
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