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Thread: Odduntu - Ethernet issues

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    Odduntu - Ethernet issues

    My Ubuntu is acting odduntu. (For clarification, I am running Ubuntu 12.04, no variant.)

    I boot up and log in just fine, can run non-internet programs without any issue. If I try and run an internet-dependent application such as Firefox, Chrome, Software Center, or Update manager, the screen locks up and goes crazy (Kind of like a continus degauss, the speakers make popping sounds as well). The only way out of it is to hard-shutdown the computer.


    This only happens if I am hard-wired into an Ethernet connection.

    If I take a USB connection into my cable modem, I am able to use internet-dependent applications without any issue. So right now I have a working setup, but I was curious as to if anyone might have an idea as to why it will take USB internet connectivity fine, but go on the fritz if it's connected via Ethernet.

    While its also on my mind, the issue is not due to the update to 12.04 beta, as the issue occurs on both Ubuntu 11.10, and Lubuntu 11.04 on separate disk drives.

    Thanks much!
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    Re: Odduntu - Ethernet issues

    I seem to have found a mix-and-match solution using information from This Tread, for some reason Ubuntu doesn't seem to want to play nice with this feature in the BIOS. Had to look on my machine for a bit though as I am running off of a Toshiba Satellite c655d


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