Installed Lubuntu on new MSI laptop. Everything works great except USB flash drives or external DVD drives. The USB hardware is fine. I know it's OS related. Effected: Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint (11.10, 12.04 Beta)

MSI X370 Laptop
AMD E-450 1.65GHz
AMD Radeon HD6320 Graphics Card
500 GB HDD

*****THE STORY*****
Used unetbootin to attempt to install the following on the laptop/netbook but failed while copying files during installation: Lubuntu 11.10 (32 and 64), Ubuntu 11.10 (32 and 64), Mint 12 (32), Mint LXDE 12 (32), Lubuntu 12.04 Beta (64). This is the reason I filed this under Ubuntu because I believe it's a systemic issue.

However, after installing elementary Jupiter, I was successful. Because Jupiter is based on 11.04, I installed Lubuntu 11.04 (32). Installation was flawless. I used the upgrade feature to upgrade to Lubuntu 11.10. No problems except for my USB drives again.

Now my USB has limited functionality. Printer works great. However, I can only copy about 100-20 MB worth of stuff with a flash drive before it crashes. After it crashes, I can't use any flash drive until I reboot. Not only will it not mount, it doesn't even recognize the drive is there. External DVD (hooked into USB) spins up to speed, looks promising, and then crashes.

Please don't suggest this as an option. I copied 40GB of music from an external hard drive while I was still in Lubuntu 11.04. Worked great. I know this is an Ubuntu 11.10+ issue...

Help? Thanks!!