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Thread: HP special edition l2000 wireless

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    HP special edition l2000 wireless

    the wireless is just doesn't respond at all, and it was recently, because it was working.. i just format and install the new version and i got this problem... before format, i think in the last update it have problems, thats why i did format the pc, and the problme is the same.. also i had internet on it for the cable, but the wireless is just dead, so with updated it does not work

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    Re: HP special edition l2000 wireless

    Hi and I have moved your post to it's own thread, no need to revive a 3 year old thread.

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    Re: HP special edition l2000 wireless

    Has there ever been resolution to this "problem"? I have an HP L2000, designed for Win XP. I've loaded Ubuntu 10.04 (for the AMD Thurion64), for this (type) laptop, but I can't connect wirelessly. Hardwired is no problem.

    I've had a severe stroke, so if I've missed any info required, please advise. As such, I need step by step instructions. My reading level has gone from University level to about 3rd grade again. Very frustrating.

    Thanks, Dan


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