There are 2 ways to do it:

1. Create an horizontal side-by-side video and play it with the right video player (for example Bino) or on a TV/Mediaplayer which supports such videos. Here is the link showing how to do that under *NIX systems:

2. Use a script which will merge them into anaglyph (this is what I want). Such movie can be played on any type of device capable of showing video. Here is the link to such script:

The project itself is hosted on and a discussion regarding it is in the link which I provided above. As you can see it doesn't work for me

Can anybody help with it? Are there alternatives (mencoder/ffmpeg/vlc script)? I would like to see solution for my question because I don't wanna use Windows just to encode my 3D movie. Especially considering the fact that I can't run the application on *NIX, Mono fails launching it. Link:

This piece of software is just awesome, it's Optimized anaglyph profile just rocks!