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Thread: Intel GMA X3100 not detected

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    Intel GMA X3100 not detected

    Today i installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my old Acer laptop that has an Intel GMA X3100 card.
    However Ubuntu says "Driver Unknown" in the Graphics section of System Information.
    I cannot get Wobbly Windows and other features to work because of this.

    How (and where from) do I install the Intel GMA driver?
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    Re: Intel GMA X3100 not detected

    This comes up so often, I wish Canonical would simply REMOVE System Info from the distro ...

    Basically, it's unreliable. I'm using an onboard AMD HD graphics chip, and it says the same for me ...

    If you're seeing an actual desktop, not stuck in a textual command line interface, then you already HAVE the Linux Intel video drivers installed.
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