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Thread: Continuing changes to Tutorials and Tips - please read

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    Re: Pending Changes to Tutorials and Tips.

    Quote Originally Posted by andrew.46 View Post
    When are these changes going to be implemented? This is a time for me to evaluate how many of my guides I will continue to support and in what location I will place them, some considerable work is involved with this so a timetable of change would be appreciated.
    We have not set down a time table for the migration process.

    We envision migrating the documentation to the wiki, and keeping this section open for support.

    If you would like to discuss this issue, please show up to the FC meetings. This issue remains on the agenda.

    You are also welcome to join the forms irc channel, #ubuntuforums

    Forums staff and FC members and interested community members in general are there to listen to your feedback.

    I also suggest you join the documentation team

    irc #ubuntu-doc

    They may be willing to help.
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