Is there a really good, comprehensive guide out there for setting up and sharing (only on one's local network) a USB attached printer from Ubuntu Server 11.10, only using the command line on the server? I haven't found anything in the official documentation or the community documentation that distinguishes between "sharing" a printer "on the network" and setting up a "shared, network-enabled" printer (two separate scenarios).

I'm trying to learn how to be proficient on the command line and for the past couple of months it's been a complete disaster. So far I've managed to set up an HP Officejet 5610, connected via USB, to a Ubuntu Server 11.10, and it will print from a Windows 7 client, but printing from a Ubuntu 11.10 client keeps asking for some autentication I don't remember setting up or having (all possible user passwords have been tried and failed). Scanning from this MFD is impossible (well, it's possible but not for me on the command line).

I'd really like to learn this, but I'm not finding the resources I need. Any and all help is always appreciated.