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Thread: MythTV - UPnP Server Configuration / Settings - Add New Share Directory

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    MythTV - UPnP Server Configuration / Settings - Add New Share Directory

    Hello All,

    Although MythTV has an in-built UPnP server ( it appears it is limited to sharing only the MythTV directories and categories by default configuration i.e. /var/lib/mythtv/.

    Does anyone know how to add a new share directory & categories i.e. /mnt/mymedialibrary?

    I was thinking of installing mediatomb or similar UPnP server to do the job, but was curious if the MythTV built-in UPnP server could be configured in this manner.

    Many thanks,

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    Re: MythTV - UPnP Server Configuration / Settings - Add New Share Directory

    Hello All,

    I have done a little more research into this.

    Working - Adding Videos to The Existing Directories
    In the myth-backend setup program, under the section "Storage Groups" you will see various storage groups and their releative directories. In version 0.23 I found that the following Storage Groups were generated by default:


    Each of these Storage Groups contain links to directories held in /var/lib/mythtv/.

    To add videos to the UPnP server listings, simply copy and paste them into the videos directory; /var/lib/mythtv/videos. To populate the UPnP server listings quickly, restart the backend, else mythtv backend will populate automatically every now and then.

    Not working - Adding New Storage Groups and Directories (Mount Points)
    I have tried to add new storage groups and new directories but the UPnP server appears to ignore them. For example I would create a new directory and assign it the permissions and ownerships MythTV likes to see:

    $ sudo mkdir /tmp/videos
    $ sudo chmod 775 /tmp/videos
    $ sudo chown mythtv:mythtv /tmp/videos

    Then in the mythtv-backend setup add the directory /tmp/vidoes to the default Storage Group "Videos". The video files inside /tmp/videos are not shown on UPnP clients!

    I have also tried adding a new Storage Group called "E-Books"; allocated a directory just like above, but this new Storage Group failed to be listed in UPnP.

    As of version 0.25 (ETA 2nd April 2012) the MythVideo add-on/plug-in will be a permanent feature of mythtv-frontend. Although not tested I presume the above section (Working - Adding Videos to The Existing Directories) will work but in a different manner. According to MythTV ticket 8801 ( the backend will no longer be responsible for populating the UPnP video share listings. UPnP listings will now be sourced from the MythVideo database - populated via the mythtv-frontend "scan for changes" option.

    It would appear that the settings and configuration of the in-built MythTV UPnP server is limited in terms of the media that is listed within mythtv-frontend. Thus video's and music that are listed within mythtv-frontend can be streamed via its UPnP server to other clients with no problems. Any additional media, for instance PDF ebook's will be ignored by this server. Moreover, if no mythtv-frontends exist on the network to generate the video and music listings, the UPnP server will never activate outside of liveTV and recordings. A feature that XBMC-PVR frontends would appreciate; although an alternative UPnP server could be used i.e. MediaTomb.

    Many thanks,

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