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Thread: ASUS G53JW - Cannot change screen brightness

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    ASUS G53JW - Cannot change screen brightness


    Do you know if there is a way of changing the screen brightness?

    I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on my ASUS G53JW laptop. I tried to press the keys with the sunshine icons on my keyboard (Fn-F5 and Fn-F6). The screen brightness does NOT change.

    I also tried to change the brightness through system settings (System Settings -> Screen). I tried dragging the brightness scroller back and forth. The brightness does NOT change.

    Any help in this area would be appreciated. If you also happen to know how to change the contrast, that would be a big plus.

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    Re: ASUS G53JW - Cannot change screen brightness

    I have the same problem on my Asus G74sx, I can't get the screen brightness to change at all.


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