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Thread: unity workspace switching Q

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    Re: unity workspace switching Q

    In Compiz Config Settings Manager, look for the Expo plugin, and set the option for Expo Button to whatever button configuration you want. You can choose edge+button, ctrl/alt/super+button, or just button options, depending on your preferences. Just make sure you don't nullify any other shortcuts.

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    Re: unity workspace switching Q

    I just hold down <Ctrl>-<Alt>-<Left Click> and drag to another workspace. I'm not sure if I did anything to enable this or if it's stock, but I'm surprised that no one mentioned it. Am I missing something?

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    Unhappy Re: unity workspace switching Q

    I am testing out Ubuntu 11.10 in a Virtual Machine to see if I should upgrade to it. One the most awesome things in Ubuntu and Linux in general is the workspace feature. I am able to much better organize my work.

    However, I have been trying for about an hour to move a window to another workspace but I wasn't able.

    Here, I am talking just basic Ubuntu, no other programs installed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Krytarik View Post
    Firstly, you can obviously use the Launcher item meant for this very purpose, the Workspace Switcher - in both regular Unity and Unity 2D.
    That's what I thought, but it does not work for me, or maybe I just don't have the "intuition".

    What I do is click on the workspace swithcer, which kinda zooms out but shows me only the current workspace in the upper left quarter of the screen. I cannot click and move any windows not can I "go to" other workspaces like on older versions of Ubuntu.

    I am trying to go with the flow and the new way of thinking of Ubuntu developers, so I would like to know what the the "intended" procedure to go to another workspace (using a mouse and the default programs).

    This is what I get when I click on the workspace switcher:

    I read that Unity comes with 4 workspaces (as the icon shows as well), and that it is quite complicated to add more. So I just want to use those 4 anyway.
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