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Thread: Password Blues

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    Cool Password Blues

    Hey I am an ubuntu virgin. Just though I would like to see what all the fuss was about

    I installed Wubi and dispite carefully choosing my password on starting Ubuntu it refused to grant me access!

    So I thought I will just uninstall and try again, now however after Ubuntu starts it creates a lot of onscreen "stuff" effectively talking about shadow passwords and still refuses to let me log-in and also seems to say there is a problem supporting my location in the UK?

    Is there a way I can clean up this mess or alternatively is there a way I can "uninstall" everything, including maybe some hidden files that the standard uninstall process does not remove.

    Or do I just go back to being a Windows "w****"???

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    Re: Password Blues

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    Re: Password Blues

    I would recommend actually installing Ubuntu from booting it off a CD or USB stick. To install it however you'd need empty disk space NOT part of a Windows partition. If you don't have this disk space, I would just run Ubuntu in "live mode" off a USB stick if you just want to play around with it. Canadian Web Design and Hosting

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