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Thread: How do I do an offline CLI?

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    How do I do an offline CLI?

    How do I do an offline command line install?

    My Internet connection is quite slow and occasionally disconnects. I would like to install an absolute minimal (64 bit) system ( without the need for an Internet connection.

    Do any of the available iso images offer this feature?

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    Re: How do I do an offline CLI?

    There are three levels of complexity, each represented by a metapackage:

    ubuntu-minimal - The basic bootable system. Bare bones, little real functionality.
    ubuntu-standard - A fully-featured command-line system (ubuntu-minimal plus a bunch)
    *buntu-desktop - A fully-featured GUI desktop system (ubuntu-standard plus a bunch)

    If you dive into the dependencies, you'll see which packages and applications rely upon which metapackage.

    The Alternate CD enables you to install just ubuntu-standard, which is probably the starting point for a fully-featured CLI you're looking for.

    The minimal package you linked to is, of course, the ubuntu-minimal metapackage, and is available at . Normally, minimal requires internet connection, because you want to add lots of packages to flesh out the minimal skeleton.

    In addition, you may wish to install apt-offline, aptoncd, or apt-zip, or some other offline package management solution. Manually tracing dependencies and downloading and copying packages to /var/cache/apt can be a bit tedious. I've done it...ugh.

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    Re: How do I do an offline CLI?

    Thank you Cheesehead.

    So apparently, I'm going to have to download the alternate cd.

    Does the alternate cd offer a command line install option?

    EDIT: Nevermind. I found out it does.

    Just for fun (and partially as a fail-safe), I'll create a custom iso with only a basic command line system on it. The challenge: I have no CDs here and I'm on a mac (64 bit and won't boot from a USB).
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