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Thread: finding the microscopic pointer without using control key

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    finding the microscopic pointer without using control key

    Using the feature that makes circles appear around your pointer when you press the control key means you give up the control-scroll zoom feature of firefox and a few other programs. Not a good key choice since the same people are likely to want both features. I can't find any way to remap it. It's not in the MENU:system,preferences,keyboard_shortcuts dialogue. And its way too low key anyway. I don't want a pointer that meekly whispers "here". I want a pointer that shouts "Over here, four eyes!" Metaphorically I mean. Computers should be seen and not heard.

    So what I want is a find-the-pointer function that is visually more striking than those wimpy little low key circles, like maybe a silver dollar sized bullseye that is animated with the black and white colors reversing rapidly, and that has a keyboard shortcut that can be changed like any other keyboard shortcut in the keyboard shortcut dialogue.

    Failing that, or maybe even to complement it, I'd like a pointer that didn't essentially disappear when it is all the way to the right or all the way to the bottom. Like maybe a fat ring with crosshairs.

    If anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate them.
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