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Thread: 16.04 and Nvidia drivers

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    16.04 and Nvidia drivers

    Hello guys,

    I'm here to look for a solution to a problem that I've been trying to solve by many ways, but yet unsuccessfully.
    So my problem seems to concern my Nvidia drivers, here's the story:
    I was on Ubuntu 15.10 and I had no problem until yesterday when I tried to upgrade. Almost everything went well except I noticed a fan at a very high speed just 1 minute after starting the computer, and it never stops.
    I tried to install laptop-mode-tools but it didn't fixed anything. lm-sensors and fancontrol seem to be useless (sensors give the speed of the fan so I'm sure now that it is spinning too quickly, and fancontrol simply returns me an error when I do sudo pwmconfig). I found somewhere that I might need to install the nvidia drivers for my GPU (I never installed them before, using my Intel chip was sufficient). Which I did using proprietary drivers, and got a black screen after (even after uninstalling the drivers), needing to reinstall from scratch 16.04 this morning, hoping that my nvidia GPU would just be forgotten.

    And now I have more problems than before: I still have this fan problem and now my computer does not shutdown when I click on the shutdown button/do it in cmd line (it just seems that the X server stops and then everything freezes). I found somewhere that this may be solved by installing nvidia drivers (again!!), so I think this might definitely help me solve my problems. However, I really can't find a proper way to install them.

    I tried proprietary drivers once more, but it tells me at the end that my Xorg.conf is missing or something like that. When I go to login screen it closes X-server and I cannot restart it. So right now I uninstalled it and I'm back to my installation from this morning, with the fan and shutdown problems. Also, lspci and lspw just hang and I cannot kill the processes, I need to restart...

    So, what would be great is that someone could help me install the drivers to see if this fixes the problems OR make it work normally without taking care of the Nvidia GPU, I don't know all the useful linux commands to show properties about hardware and things like this...

    My computer is an Asus Rog G551VW, with Intel I7-6700Q and an Intel chipset as long as a Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M for graphics. Currently on Dual boot Win10/Ubuntu 16.04 (installed from Live USB, created using Rufus).

    Thank you for reading, I hope someone could help me.

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    Re: 16.04 and Nvidia drivers

    Did you install the driver from Nvidia website or did you use the one in the "Software & Updates"?

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    Re: 16.04 and Nvidia drivers

    I tried to install the drivers from the website (using the script they give). I needed to boot with nomodeset option in Grub to launch it, otherwise it was stuck after extracting. Also there is a message which appears "distribution-provided pre-install script failed, would you like to continue?" and if I say no it canceled the installation so I pressed yes.
    Thank you for your answer though!

    I tried this morning to use ubuntu and I'm now really unable to use X server as any window appears when I launch applications, or just a black square when I launch a terminal, whereas I didn't change anything since the other day...

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    Re: 16.04 and Nvidia drivers

    So it seems that managed to properly install them. I post exactly what I did in case it helps someone else:
    • I did a fresh reinstall from my live usb key (with nomodeset option added into grub options (press e instead of Enter and F10 to boot after modification)
    • Install it with internet connection active
    • reboot and log in to ubuntu, nomodeset still active
    • launch a terminal
    • sudo apt-get purge nvidia-* (in my case it did nothing)
    • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
    • sudo apt-get update
    • sudo apt-get install nvidia-367 (I checked the number on my many previous attempts)
    • reboot without nomodeset and it seems that it works

    lspci does not hang anymore, my fan is not a maximal speed, the computer can halt/reboot without holding power button !
    I just noticed that this time, the nomodeset option was added by default in my grub options, I need to remove it now instead of adding it during installation, so my fresh reinstall definitely behaved differently...
    Before, I already tried to install my drivers using the ubuntu packages, but I don't remember adding the ppa graphics-drivers/ppa and I used nvidia-current instead of nvidia-VERSION, so maybe this was the problem ?

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