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Thread: Using repositories from Ubuntu Precise

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    Using repositories from Ubuntu Precise


    is it somehow possible to use packages provided by the precise repositories in Oneiric Ocelot (11.10)? I just want to use maven3 from the "official" repository and don't know how the entry must be (deb oneiric main) seems not to be right:

    sudo apt-get update results in:

    W: GPG error: oneiric InRelease: File /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/packages.ubuntu.com_precise_dists_oneiric_InReleas e doesn't start with a clearsigned message
    W: Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/packages.ubuntu.com_precise_dists_oneiric_main_sou rce_Sources Encountered a section with no Package: header

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    Re: Using repositories from Ubuntu Precise

    Remove that line from your source list and add PPA from

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