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Thread: Ubuntu Server 11.10 - Python

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    Ubuntu Server 11.10 - Python


    I am new to Linux but decided while running a trial at work for the product Splunk to use Linux as the O/S, thought it would be a good time to start learning it.

    I want to install MAXMIND on the server, which then raises the question if Python is installed as part of the O/S? and if so does it need enabling or configuring in anyway?

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 11.10 - Python

    Hi & welcome to the forums,

    I've just checked my vanilla install of Ubuntu server and python is installed and working out of the box, so it doesn't appear that you need to do anything to enable it.
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    Re: Ubuntu Server 11.10 - Python

    Excellent, thanks for the reply it is much appreciated

    Have you had any experience installing Maxmind GeoIP? It doesn't seem to be a straight forward install


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