I've installed wine as documented and all office works but with some compromixe.

The word is choppy while scrolling a normal text doc without tables or images.
PPT works fine for preentations only.
Even Excel is smooth.

1) Now, how can I get rid of those choppy word?? That works good with Abiword but if saved in a word format, would that be of same resolution, fonts (installed thru wine) when opened on windows??
I was recently getting irritated while scrolling word docs as I spend ~ 5-6 hrs /day on by netbook studying.

2) While cropping an image in word or ppt, it appears as a blackbox and i have to virtually remember the location where I had to crope and then after the click, it crops the image. But as the blackbox is visible while cropping, it is difficult to exactle crop the image in ppt.

Specs :
Lubuntu 11.10, Intel Atom Z530 processor, 2GB RAM, Intel GMA500 (with EMGD installed),1366x768 resolution (Benq Joybooklite U121 ECO)