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Thread: Webmin, Filesystem Backup and tar files

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    Webmin, Filesystem Backup and tar files

    I have posted on the webmin forums but never got a reply
    I am running webmin 1.580 on FreeBSD 9. I have the Filesystem Backup module configured to backup to a Ubuntu 11.10 box on my network over ssh, I Created a tar file on the Ubuntu box using tar -CF archive.tar and setup Filesystem Backup to backup to it, and the below error occurs. I am able to ssh into the linux box without issue, how should the Tar file be setup or am I missing something simple like using another tar program? Any ideas?

    Performing backup of / to tim@ ..

    Usage: List: tar -tf <archive-filename>
    Extract: tar -xf <archive-filename>
    Create: tar -cf <archive-filename> [filenames...] Help: tar --help ..

    .. backup failed!
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    Re: Webmin, Filesystem Backup and tar files


    Try it as user root (in Webmin interface),

    Please let us know...
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    Re: Webmin, Filesystem Backup and tar files


    Thanks for the reply. I have configured webmin to allow Unix root login and enabled all Module's for root, and the same error occurred. After a little more testing I discovered that this may not be a Ubuntu issue. If I shutdown the Ubuntu box and run the backup the same exact error occurs. This tells me that the issue resides on the Freebsd box and not the linux.


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