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Thread: Simple ftp backup

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    Simple ftp backup

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking to setup a simple backup of compressed files via ftp.
    I used curlftpfs to mount the remote server's ftp directory.

    If I place something in the mounted directory it doesn't seem like it is being written on the ftp server.
    Also, I am not able to see the existing contents on ftp which tells me either I have configured something wrong or the fact that curlftpfs is abandoned and has compatibility issues with newer software.

    I did the simple install of curlftpfs and added the following to my /etc/fstab

    curlftpfs#user:pw@ /mnt/ftpbackup fuse rw,all_other,uid=1001 0 0
    There is no error while mounting but no transfers take place!

    Can anyone suggest me an alternative program or even a script to make the backup from the linux box to the ftp server running on another windows system?


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    Re: Simple ftp backup

    Thread moved to General Help.

    @psgill If you post in tutorials and tips no one can see your question until one of the staff approves it.

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    Re: Simple ftp backup


    I would recommend using rsync as its ideal for this.

    You could also use secure copy (SCP) but give rsync a look first,
    if you dont like it Ill give more info on scp

    For your ftp issue if you want to use that I would recommend just manually trying to move the compressed file via ftp and see if it throws any errors in the way of permissions etc.
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