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    gnuddrescue utility script - ddrutility

    Hopefully this is a good place to post this. I am working on a ddrescue utility script. My end goal was for it to be a menu driven frontend for ddrescue. However, right now it is a functional script that will take a ddrescue log and find all files on the entire drive that are corrupt, and I think that is all I will end up making it. It currently does pretty much what I want it to do, but I may make updates to fix bugs or tweak it. Read the text at the beginning of the file (or use the help function) for dependencies and info. I will update this periodically as I make new versions. Enjoy.

    Finds the files related to bad sectors
    Uses the logfile from gnuddrescue
    Can also use a file with a sector list
    Works on a whole drive or single partition
    Works on a target device or image file
    Works on NTFS, EXT2/3/4, FAT16/32, and HFS+ partitions
    Works on DOS, GPT, and APT partitioned drives
    Should be faster than other methods (md5sum and grep) in most cases
    Does not (knowingly) write to or alter the target
    File system of target does not have to be mounted
    Uses command line arguments

    version 1.3
    * Initial release

    version 1.4
    * Added MAN page
    + Made improvements to --help output
    * Added support for HFS+ file system
    * Added support for GPT and APT partition tables
    * Improved some of the code
    + Improved how it handles loop devices
    + Improved handling of FAT partitions
    + Changed names of temp files so less likely to be existing file
    + Target, logfile, and output file names can now contain spaces
    + Added option to change sector size
    + Added option to include more info in long results
    + Changed command line arguments
    * Fixed bug so Linux partitions get correct block size
    * Major code reconstruction to make it more modular

    It is now hosted in a PPA, here is the link:

    To install this on Ubuntu 9.10 and newer from the PPA:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:scott-dwyer/ddrutility
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install ddrutility

    Version 1.3 is on Ubuntu Rescue Remix 12.04. To use the latest version with a live CD you will have to download the .sh file and put it on another media such a a USB flash drive and run it from there.

    Download links for both .sh and .deb files
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