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Thread: Android won't mount

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    Re: Android won't mount

    A handy tip for seeing dot filename..hidden files in a directory
    rather than an ls command, type...

     ls -al
    and all the hidden files within that path will display.
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    Re: Android won't mount

    Mine started having a similar problem when upgraded to 4.0 (ICS), and the way I get around it is before connecting cable, go to Settings > More... (under Wireless and networks heading) > USB Utilities > Connect storage to PC > plug in cable > Turn on USB storage.

    It then mounts my SD card and the internal memory as different partitions. It's a roundabout way, but can then use it fine like a normal USB drive.
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    Re: Android won't mount

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Y that came with 2.3 (I think it has updated a bit since so it's 2.3+). To activate the USB capability, follow the instructions here.

    Ubuntu 13.04 recognized the device immediately.


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