TL;DR If you're using 12.10 64-bit and your mouse clicks seems to stop working occasionally, try removing your AE1000 wireless adapter and logging off/on.

I'm using 12.10 64-bit, and I have been occasionally getting into a situation where my mouse clicks work on very little. It's strange, but it's fairly inconsistent in what still responds to the mouse - sometimes the system menu will respond so I am able to log out. Other times I have to use the alt-key menu to log out.

One day I, for whatever reason, had swapped out the wireless-n usb adapter I was using for an older g adapter. I didn't notice at first, but my problem never came back. Occasionally when I use the n adapter when I'm in Windows and need the extra bandwidth, I'll forget to remove it when I boot back into Ubuntu, and sure enough the clicking problem returns - swapping it out and logging out/in fixes it.

Can anyone else that's experienced this give it a try to see if I'm not the only one? I may submit a bug to launchpad.