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Thread: Unity acting up?

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    Unity acting up?

    I have Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity. All of the sudden my windows decorations decide they're going to disappear(this has been an ongoing issue since I installed Emerald), I don't use Emerald now, I use the GTK windows decorations. Anyway, I was just simply browsing around and talking to my fiancee on Pidgin and my windows decorations disappear, except this time I can't do anything, can't bring up a terminal to fix it or anything. So shut down my computer, turn it back on and log-in.. Still, no borders, no ability to bring up a terminal or anything to fix the issue.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: Unity acting up?

    I had a similar issue. I had my pictures I was using for backgrounds and whatnot on a separate hard drive. When the computer would reboot, that drive wouldn't be mounted. I would literally have to go to nautilus and look at something on that other drive for the computer to ever look over there, too. Might try moving your graphics to your home folder. This may not be your specific problem. If not, then I am sorry. It is, however, something that came to mind.


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    Re: Unity acting up?

    You can try

    unity --reset
    In the terminal.

    This will get everything back to defaults.

    Hope this helps.


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