Using the ati driver on a 64-bit version of 11.10. PC has on board graphics using the Radeon 690G chipset (Radeon Xpress 1250) and is connected to a 42" LG 720p LCD television via HDMI. I would love to be able to set the desktop to 1280x720 (an option that is available to me) but when I do, the desktop appears as though it is too large for the TV and the mouse pointer extends beyond the edge of the screen (active, but not visible).

I understand the fglrx driver no longer supports the 690G chipset and have been advised against installing it. Though I doubt it matters much with regards to screen resolutions, I find it interesting that Ubuntu detects my monitor as a 52" Goldstar television which is obviously a good deal larger than the screen I actually have.

If there are any graphics hardware experts out there I'd be stoked at any suggestions you might have.