Yeah, that's what I didn't get at first. I thought entering that was so that I could get support for the product.

So, I'm super noob but after some poking around on the interwebz to figure out how to install a tar.bz2 package I have to have an installer installed. Unfortunately to get this installer I have to be connected to the internet. I had another USB Wifi card lying around but I'm having trouble getting connected with that one too.

I'm tired of things being a pain in the *** to actually get working on Ubuntu.

I've got the tar.bz2 file on my desktop computer right now but how do I install it if I don't have access to the internet to get an installer?

No, I don't have a possibility of wiring in to the router. I tried sharing the connection from my laptop, but that wasn't working, it was a never ending cycle of connecting and disconnecting.

Ubuntu really isn't easy if I don't already know what I'm doing.

So, my super noob *** needs to figure out how to install this freaking driver.

Thanks for being patient with me guys. I'm not computer illiterate (at least I don't think I am) I've built my own, and done plenty of graphic design, audio production etc. but when it comes to Linux I feel like my grandma using a computer.