If you extracted the tar.gz and then made the changes in the extracted folder, then, no, it shouldn't revert.

If, on the other hand you went all the way back in the instructions to 'right-click, Extract Here' then you have extracted a virgin, if you will, copy. By the way, this is a handy capability when too many ill-considered changes have been made, you can (OK, I can, since I am usually the one to make ill-aadvised changes) get a new un-modified copy.
In future, then, every time a new kernel is installed, I should, BEFORE recompiling
It never hurts to check your work until you are confident.
Then, if all is well I shoud recompile per d here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php...2&postcount=41 (msg #41 of this thread)

You might check the files after 'make clean'; we hope there is no weird reversion script that wipes out our changes.

I'm glad you are both working as expected!