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Thread: renaming shortcuts on desktop problem

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    renaming shortcuts on desktop problem

    A couple of hours ago I installed xubuntu on my sisters netbook.
    This is my first time using anything other than windows and I'm having some troubles.

    I installed Chromium and managed to get the icon on the desktop.
    Now I want to rename it from "chromium webbrowser" to "internet".
    this is what happens:

    I rightclick on the icon and select rename.
    This opens a pop-up thingy.
    I change the name and press rename.
    The pop-up disappears and the name remains unchanged.

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    Re: renaming shortcuts on desktop problem

    Don't have or ever used xubuntu but can answer generically - Maybe, see edit

    A shortcut on the Desktop (desktop launcher) is a .desktop file, it has an actual file name , (whatever.desktop), & a display name

    Generally you can't change the actual file name, nor do you want to, it doesn't matter in this case
    You are free to change the display name to whatever you wish by editing a line in the file - Name=

    So open a text editor or text file in a window so you can also see your desktop icon
    Drag the icon over to the editor window & drop in to your editor window.
    This will open the .desktop, find the Name= line & change it to Whatever you wish, in this case internet or maybe nicer, Internet
    (there is No space between Name= and the name you choose though the name Can contain spaces

    screen shows Ex. - in this case a .desktop I made - the file name is aud-cd.desktop. The display name is Audacious Cd Player

    Edit: - if launchers in Xubuntu don't look like what I've posted then copy the contents & post, will take a look, as mentioned never used xubuntu
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    Re: renaming shortcuts on desktop problem

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Here is the code.
    It's aparently showing a different name in every language on earth.
    I'm using Dutch[nl] so I should change those right?

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name[ast]=Restolador web Chromium
    Name[bg]=Уеб четец Chromium
    Name[bn]=ক্রোমিয়াম ওয়েব ব্রাউজার
    Name[bs]=Chromium web preglednik
    Name[ca]=Navegador web Chromium
    Name[ca@valencia]=Navegador web Chromium
    Name[da]=Chromium netbrowser
    Name[en_AU]=Chromium Web Browser
    Name[eo]=Kromiumo retfoliumilo
    Name[es]=Navegador web Chromium
    Name[et]=Chromiumi veebibrauser
    Name[eu]=Chromium web-nabigatzailea
    Name[fr]=Navigateur Web Chromium
    Name[gl]=Navegador web Chromium
    Name[he]=דפדפן האינטרנט כרומיום
    Name[hr]=Chromium web preglednik
    Name[hu]=Chromium webböngésző
    Name[hy]=Chromium ոստայն զննարկիչ
    Name[ia]=Navigator del web Chromium
    Name[id]=Peramban Web Chromium
    Name[it]=Browser web Chromium
    Name[ja]=Chromium ウェブ・ブラウザ
    Name[ka]=ვებ ბრაუზერი Chromium
    Name[ko]=Chromium 웹 브라우저
    Name[kw]=Peurel wias Chromium
    Name[ms]=Pelayar Web Chromium
    Name[nb]=Chromium nettleser
    Name[nl]=Chromium webbrowser
    Name[pt_BR]=Navegador de Internet Chromium
    Name[ro]=Navigator Internet Chromium
    Name[ru]=Веб-браузер Chromium
    Name[sl]=Chromium spletni brskalnik
    Name[sv]=Webbläsaren Chromium
    Name[ug]=Chromium توركۆرگۈ
    Name[vi]=Trình duyệt Web Chromium
    Name[zh_CN]=Chromium 网页浏览器
    Name[zh_HK]=Chromium 網頁瀏覽器
    Name[zh_TW]=Chromium 網頁瀏覽器
    GenericName=Web Browser
    GenericName[ar]=متصفح الشبكة
    GenericName[ast]=Restolador web
    GenericName[bg]=Уеб браузър
    GenericName[bn]=ওয়েব ব্রাউজার
    GenericName[bs]=Web preglednik
    GenericName[ca]=Navegador web
    GenericName[ca@valencia]=Navegador web
    GenericName[cs]=WWW prohlížeč
    GenericName[el]=Περιηγητής ιστού
    GenericName[en_AU]=Web Browser
    GenericName[en_GB]=Web Browser
    GenericName[es]=Navegador web
    GenericName[fil]=Web Browser
    GenericName[fr]=Navigateur Web
    GenericName[gl]=Navegador web
    GenericName[gu]=વેબ બ્રાઉઝર
    GenericName[he]=דפדפן אינטרנט
    GenericName[hi]=वेब ब्राउज़र
    GenericName[hr]=Web preglednik
    GenericName[hy]=Ոստայն զննարկիչ
    GenericName[ia]=Navigator del Web
    GenericName[id]=Peramban Web
    GenericName[it]=Browser web
    GenericName[ka]=ვებ ბრაუზერი
    GenericName[kn]=ಜಾಲ ವೀಕ್ಷಕ
    GenericName[ko]=웹 브라우저
    GenericName[kw]=Peurel wias
    GenericName[lt]=Žiniatinklio naršyklė
    GenericName[lv]=Tīmekļa pārlūks
    GenericName[ml]=വെബ് ബ്രൌസര്*
    GenericName[mr]=वेब ब्राऊजर
    GenericName[ms]=Pelayar Web
    GenericName[or]=ଓ୍ବେବ ବ୍ରାଉଜର
    GenericName[pl]=Przeglądarka WWW
    GenericName[pt]=Navegador Web
    GenericName[pt_BR]=Navegador web
    GenericName[ro]=Navigator de Internet
    GenericName[sk]=WWW prehliadač
    GenericName[sl]=Spletni brskalnik
    GenericName[sr]=Интернет прегледник
    GenericName[ta]=இணைய உலாவி
    GenericName[te]=మహాతల అన్వేషి
    GenericName[tr]=Web Tarayıcı
    GenericName[uk]=Навігатор Тенет
    GenericName[vi]=Bộ duyệt Web
    Comment=Access the Internet
    Comment[ar]=الدخول إلى الإنترنت
    Comment[ast]=Accesu a Internet
    Comment[bg]=Достъп до интернет
    Comment[bn]=ইন্টারনেটে প্রবেশ করুন
    Comment[bs]=Pristup internetu
    Comment[ca]=Accediu a Internet
    Comment[ca@valencia]=Accediu a Internet
    Comment[cs]=Přístup k internetu
    Comment[da]=Få adgang til internettet
    Comment[el]=Πρόσβαση στο Διαδίκτυο
    Comment[en_AU]=Access the Internet
    Comment[en_GB]=Access the Internet
    Comment[eo]=Akiri interreton
    Comment[es]=Acceda a Internet
    Comment[et]=Pääs Internetti
    Comment[eu]=Sartu Internetera
    Comment[fi]=Käytä internetiä
    Comment[fil]=I-access ang Internet
    Comment[fr]=Accéder à Internet
    Comment[gl]=Acceda a Internet
    Comment[gu]=ઇંટરનેટ ઍક્સેસ કરો
    Comment[he]=גישה לאינטרנט
    Comment[hi]=इंटरनेट तक पहुंच स्थापित करें
    Comment[hr]=Pristupite Internetu
    Comment[hu]=Az internet elérése
    Comment[hy]=Մուտք համացանց
    Comment[ia]=Accede a le Interrete
    Comment[id]=Akses Internet
    Comment[it]=Accesso a Internet
    Comment[ka]=ინტერნეტში შესვლა
    Comment[kn]=ಇಂಟರ್ನೆಟ್ ಅನ್ನು ಪ್ರವೇಶಿಸಿ
    Comment[ko]=인터넷에 연결합니다
    Comment[kw]=Hedhes an Kesrosweyth
    Comment[lt]=Interneto prieiga
    Comment[lv]=Piekļūt internetam
    Comment[ml]=ഇന്റര്**നെറ്റ് ആക്*സസ് ചെയ്യുക
    Comment[mr]=इंटरनेटमध्ये प्रवेश करा
    Comment[ms]=Mengakses Internet
    Comment[nb]=Bruk internett
    Comment[nl]=Verbinding maken met internet
    Comment[or]=ଇଣ୍ଟର୍ନେଟ୍ ପ୍ରବେଶ କରନ୍ତୁ
    Comment[pl]=Skorzystaj z internetu
    Comment[pt]=Aceder à Internet
    Comment[pt_BR]=Acessar a internet
    Comment[ro]=Accesați Internetul
    Comment[ru]=Доступ в Интернет
    Comment[sk]=Prístup do siete Internet
    Comment[sl]=Dostop do interneta
    Comment[sr]=Приступите Интернету
    Comment[sv]=Surfa på Internet
    Comment[ta]=இணையத்தை அணுகுதல்
    Comment[te]=ఇంటర్నెట్*ను ఆక్సెస్ చెయ్యండి
    Comment[tr]=İnternet'e erişin
    Comment[ug]=ئىنتېرنېت زىيارىتى
    Comment[uk]=Доступ до Інтернету
    Comment[vi]=Truy cập Internet
    Exec=/usr/bin/chromium-browser %U
    [NewWindow Shortcut Group]
    Name=Open a New Window
    Name[ast]=Abrir una Ventana Nueva
    Name[bg]=Отваряне на Нов прозорец
    Name[bn]=একটি নতুন উইন্ডো খুলুন
    Name[bs]=Otvori novi prozor
    Name[ca]=Obre una finestra nova
    Name[ca@valencia]=Obri una finestra nova
    Name[da]=Åbn et nyt vindue
    Name[de]=Ein neues Fenster öffnen
    Name[en_AU]=Open a New Window
    Name[eo]=Malfermi novan fenestron
    Name[es]=Abrir una ventana nueva
    Name[et]=Ava uus aken
    Name[eu]=Ireki leiho berria
    Name[fi]=Avaa uusi ikkuna
    Name[fr]=Ouvrir une nouvelle fenêtre
    Name[gl]=Abrir unha nova xanela
    Name[he]=פתיחת חלון חדש
    Name[hy]=Բացել նոր պատուհան
    Name[ia]=Aperi un nove fenestra
    Name[it]=Apri una nuova finestra
    Name[ka]=ახალი ფანჯრის გახსნა
    Name[kw]=Egery fenester noweth
    Name[ms]=Buka Tetingkap Baru
    Name[nb]=Åpne et nytt vindu
    Name[nl]=Nieuw venster openen
    Name[pt_BR]=Abre uma nova janela
    Name[ro]=Deschide o fereastră nouă
    Name[ru]=Открыть новое окно
    Name[sl]=Odpri novo okno
    Name[sv]=Öppna ett nytt fönster
    Name[ug]=يېڭى كۆزنەك ئاچ
    Name[uk]=Відкрити нове вікно
    Name[vi]=Mở cửa sổ mới
    [Incognito Shortcut Group]
    Name=Open a New Window in incognito mode
    Name[ast]=Abrir una ventana nueva en mou incógnitu
    Name[bg]=Отваряне на нов прозорец в режим \"инкогнито\"
    Name[bn]=একটি নতুন উইন্ডো খুলুন ইনকোগনিটো অবস্থায়
    Name[bs]=Otvori novi prozor u privatnom modu
    Name[ca]=Obre una finestra nova en mode d'incògnit
    Name[ca@valencia]=Obri una finestra nova en mode d'incògnit
    Name[de]=Ein neues Fenster im Inkognito-Modus öffnen
    Name[en_AU]=Open a New Window in incognito mode
    Name[eo]=Malfermi novan fenestron nekoniĝeble
    Name[es]=Abrir una ventana nueva en modo incógnito
    Name[et]=Ava uus aken tundmatus olekus
    Name[eu]=Ireki leiho berria isileko moduan
    Name[fi]=Avaa uusi ikkuna incognito-tilassa
    Name[fr]=Ouvrir une nouvelle fenêtre en mode navigation privée
    Name[gl]=Abrir unha nova xanela en modo de incógnito
    Name[he]=פתיחת חלון חדש במצב גלישה בסתר
    Name[hy]=Բացել նոր պատուհան ծպտյալ աշխատակերպում
    Name[ia]=Aperi un nove fenestra in modo incognite
    Name[it]=Apri una nuova finestra in modalità incognito
    Name[ja]=新しいシークレット ウィンドウを開く
    Name[ka]=ახალი ფანჯრის ინკოგნიტოდ გახსნა
    Name[kw]=Egry fenester noweth en modh privedh
    Name[ms]=Buka Tetingkap Baru dalam mod menyamar
    Name[nl]=Nieuw venster openen in incognito-modus
    Name[pt_BR]=Abrir uma nova janela em modo anônimo
    Name[ro]=Deschide o fereastră nouă în mod incognito
    Name[ru]=Открыть новое окно в режиме инкогнито
    Name[sl]=Odpri novo okno v načinu brez beleženja
    Name[sv]=Öppna ett nytt inkognitofönster
    Name[ug]=يوشۇرۇن ھالەتتە يېڭى كۆزنەك ئاچ
    Name[uk]=Відкрити нове вікно у приватному режимі
    Name[vi]=Mở cửa sổ mới trong chế độ ẩn danh
    Exec=/usr/bin/chromium-browser --incognito
    [TempProfile Shortcut Group]
    Name=Open a New Window with a temporary profile
    Name[ast]=Abrir una ventana nueva con perfil temporal
    Name[bg]=Отваряне на Нов прозорец с временен профил
    Name[bn]=সাময়িক প্রোফাইল সহ একটি নতুন উইন্ডো খুলুন
    Name[bs]=Otvori novi prozor pomoću privremenog profila
    Name[ca]=Obre una finestra nova amb un perfil temporal
    Name[ca@valencia]=Obri una finestra nova amb un perfil temporal
    Name[de]=Ein neues Fenster mit einem temporären Profil öffnen
    Name[en_AU]=Open a New Window with a temporary profile
    Name[eo]=Malfermi novan fenestron portempe
    Name[es]=Abrir una ventana nueva con perfil temporal
    Name[et]=Ava uus aken ajutise profiiliga
    Name[eu]=Ireki leiho berria behin-behineko profil batekin
    Name[fi]=Avaa uusi ikkuna käyttäen väliaikaista profiilia
    Name[fr]=Ouvrir une nouvelle fenêtre avec un profil temporaire
    Name[gl]=Abrir unha nova xanela con perfil temporal
    Name[he]=פתיחת חלון חדש עם פרופיל זמני
    Name[hy]=Բացել նոր պատուհան ժամանակավոր հատկագրով
    Name[ia]=Aperi un nove fenestra con un profilo provisori
    Name[it]=Apri una nuova finestra con un profilo temporaneo
    Name[ka]=ახალი ფანჯრის გახსნა დროებით პროფილში
    Name[kw]=Egery fenester noweth gen profil dres prys
    Name[ms]=Buka Tetingkap Baru dengan profil sementara
    Name[nb]=Åpne et nytt vindu med en midlertidig profil
    Name[nl]=Nieuw venster openen met een tijdelijk profiel
    Name[pt_BR]=Abrir uma nova janela com um perfil temporário
    Name[ro]=Deschide o fereastră nouă cu un profil temporar
    Name[ru]=Открыть новое окно с временным профилем
    Name[sl]=Odpri novo okno z začasnim profilom
    Name[sv]=Öppna ett nytt fönster med temporär profil
    Name[ug]=ۋاقىتلىق سەپلىمە ھۆججەت بىلەن يېڭى كۆزنەك ئاچ
    Name[vi]=Mở cửa sổ mới với hồ sơ tạm
    Exec=/usr/bin/chromium-browser --temp-profile
    It's aparently showing a different name in every language.

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    Re: renaming shortcuts on desktop problem

    Yeah - try changing the Dutch one to what you want. (it doesn't hurt anything so keep at till it gives you what you want

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    Re: renaming shortcuts on desktop problem

    In my Xubuntu 10.04 desktop, when I right-click on the icon I get a pop-up menu that includes options to "edit launcher" and if I select that, I can directly modify the display name and the comment without having to locate and edit the file directly. I don't know if this is still available in the newer versions, though...
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    Re: renaming shortcuts on desktop problem

    Well it worked, thanks for the help.

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