Hi Everyone,

I just to read the omgubuntu post about Chris Prillo's dad using Ubuntu. And I see how the poor guy is confused using ubuntu for the very first time.

And it's a fact, there's a bug here. I mean, I'm using ubuntu since 5 years now and I don't remember to have a quickstep tutorial to help begginners to use ubuntu.

So the idea is maybe it could be great to have this option when you're install ubuntu (a "launch-quickstep-tutorial-at-the-next-boot" box that powers users can uncheck)

The quickstep can help user to discover ubuntu, with how to compose an email, how to create a doc, how to use internet) and each part of the tutorial could be link to a local accomplishment working with the Jono's Ubuntu accomplishments system.

This quickstep apps, could be launch anytime you want too

What do you thing about this idea guys ?