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Thread: xara xtreme won't import text templates?

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    xara xtreme won't import text templates?

    WTF! Cmon I know it's open source, but it almost seems like more effort was used to create web pages showing how to use it then coding in the back end filters.

    Anyone know how I can import text templates into xara xtreme? Or is there another illustrator that can import text templates? I am trying to import an OTT file and it just wont' work. Anyone?

    well, that was a bit extreme, and I shouldn't have said that. Maybe there is another way, and I just don't know how to use it. But if there isn't, then what a strange way of writing code for a program, putting in so much effort, then skimping features in newer versions. Never mind cancel the thread I just used the writing utility. I guess I shouldn't bitch since I'm the last person to offer source code, and as for learning code. It's much better then paying hundreds for adobe illustrator and using it on win blows. But then illustrator allows you to import text templates. Guess you get what you pay for. I respect Linux source though and don't want to bad mouth it on the internet for people to come find the thread and think it's worthless. It should be appraised

    it's got a billion features but HOW DO I ZOOM OUT!!

    even more so what an awesome utility to edit things with. It's a full featured editor not an IDE for code. I pointed out some cons now here are some pros:

    also there are other alternatives if you don't like xara they should all do about the same thing, and some even work in windows:
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