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Thread: System goes to sleep/hybernation

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    Angry System goes to sleep/hybernation

    Hello everybody, first year IT student as well as first time Linux user here.
    I've tried running Linux under many distributions including KBE, Zorin, Ubuntu, Fedora, Backtrack 5 and one or two others and each time my desktop (eMachines ET1331G-03w w/Geforce 9800GT-EE) or my school laptop (Satellite C655-S5132) with a pendrive using UNetbootin or with fedora, their live USB creator, and both computers seem to go to sleep or hibernation mode after inside of Linux for a few minutes. On my desktop the keyboard and mouse don't respond either. I've waited it out and they never recover or wake up.

    On my laptop I've managed to boot into safe mode and got it to install alongside my windows but now every time I boot into the Linux I get a fault error and the system restarts.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Re: System goes to sleep/hybernation

    Please post the full specs of your machines, especially RAM, Processor and graphics. It would also help if you can post the exact error message that you get on the laptop.

    When you say it goes to sleep/hibernation, do you see a blinking power led on either machines? Or is it just a black screen with no activity anywhere in the machine?

    However, if all those distros you mentioned behave the same way, then it suggests a possible hardware problem, like a failing hard disk or a faulty RAM module. Insufficient RAM would also result in system freezes. So please post the specs and the error message(s) first so we get a direction to proceed.
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