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Thread: Crashes when installing Virtual OS

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    Crashes when installing Virtual OS

    I am currently running Ubuntu 11.10. The system keeps crashing every time i try to install a Virtual OS. I was using the most recent release of VirtualBox. Damn Small Linux (DSL) installed fine as well as Windows XP but Ubuntu 10.04, BlackBuntu, Backtrack, and any other .iso that i tried to install did not. They would boot in VirtualBox and run fine but if i tried to install them it would install to 99% and then crash everytime. So i switched to VMWare 8 hoping this would fix the issue but it has not. The whole system still crashes at 99% installed regardless. The .iso's are good. The virtual disk is plenty big enough but i can't get it to work. I have tried everything and i am just clueless. If i need to post more info on anything just let me know. Hopefully someone can help. thanks guys

    Also here is my system info :
    Release - 11.10 (Oneiric)
    Kernel Linux 3.0.0-16-Generic
    GNOME 3.2.1
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    Re: Crashes when installing Virtual OS

    Can you describe the settings you are using for the machines you have created?
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    Re: Crashes when installing Virtual OS

    I am doing a typical install in VMware

    For instance on Backtrack I am selecting:
    Guest Operating System: Linux
    Version: Other Linux 2.6.x Kernel
    Default name and location
    Disk Size: 10 GB - Store virtual Disk as single file
    512 MB Memory

    Here is a description of the settings for DSL and it works just fine:
    Base Memory: 32 MB
    Video Memory : 12 MB
    OS: Linux
    Version : Other

    Then it creates my virtual drive, i can go into Backtrack fine but when i try to install it crashes at 99%.

    Also thank you for such a quick response!
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