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Thread: screen shuts down after booting...

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    screen shuts down after booting...

    Hi everyone , nice forum

    I just installed ubuntu 11.10 and after that it booted normally and loged in . After that i installed and activated the video driver , downloaded studio packages and rebooted .

    I have a triple boot ( win7, ubuntu 11.10 and debian 6 ) i choose the ubuntu but after some seconds the monitor shuts down and says that its out of range .

    This is not the first time i've got this problem , before installing ubuntu 11.10 i tried to install ubuntu studio 11.10 and i had the same problem ( actually it never loged in ... ) .
    I had a lot of errors during the installation when i was choosing to mark for instalation extra softwere so i thought that installation was in a mess and removed it , to try installing the default 11.10 version and put the studio packages after installing the base system .

    Is the problem caused by studio packages ? Or just the driver doesnt work ? How can i change the driver to the default generic driver via console (safe boot etc...) ?

    thank you !

    ps : sorry for my bad english !

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    Re: screen shuts down after booting...

    my computer : amd athlon x2 64 6400 black edition
    3GB Ram
    ECS Elitegroup mobo with ATI onboard graphics card ...

    any help ?

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    Re: screen shuts down after booting...

    Here is some info on how to remove the fglrx driver:

    If it worked before without problems, chances are that the fglrx driver is the root of the problem.

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