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Thread: Webcam security

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    Webcam security


    I'm trying to set up a security camera in my apartment with Ubuntu 11.04 and a webcam.

    I have watched a tutorial with some girl who teaches you how to install Motion and use gedit to change some operating parameters.

    Her goal is to have motion working with Dropbox.

    She has a folder called "Scripts" which contains a file called

    I've done everything she said, I made my own file that is directly copied from her file.

    Then when I launch the Motion button I get this error:


    Could not launch application

    Failed to execute child process "/home/newfangledcontraption/scripts/" (Permission Denied)

    Anyone who could shed some like on this type of set up would be appreciated... The girl who made this video is really vague.

    Ideally I can do this with Ubuntu otherwise I may have to switch back to Windows for this security camera task. Anyone have a set up like his for security camera monitoring?
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    Re: Webcam security

    Take a look at ISSUE #49 ZoneMinder CCTV
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