I have a questions to all TeX/LaTeX users.
Since 1994 I am using TeX/LaTeX quite intensively.
Since Oneiric (11.10, stable, Lubuntu, 64 bit) the generated
DVI file is not correct, as a DinA4 page (i.e. the pagesize given)
is not used as before on all used systems (many Unixes .
The space on the page is no longer sufficient, i.e. when the page is
really filled with text, the last lines are on the next page.
As I rely heavily on TeX, I just switched from Lubuntu 11.10 to
Debian Squeeze (6.0) and now to Wheezy (Testing; both 64 bit).
As given by versioning info the TeX/LaTeX versions are all the same
(belonging to TeXLive 2009 ... still), but in Debian this bug is not
present but the layout is correct as before and on many platforms.
I just installed Xubuntu 12.04 Beta (64 bit) and updated everything
right now - and all documents are generated wrongly in Precise like
they were generated wrongly in Oneric.
As all installations were done from scratch (no upgades) and TeXLive full
and many additional packages are installed I would not consider the
installation to be the reason for the problem.
Unfortunately I could not find anything about that bug in the WWW - but
maybe I am just using the wrong keywords.
As all documents are affected - also really simple ones - I would expect
this problem to be seen by all TeX/LaTeX users.
Are there others here in the forum who have come across this problem?
Any ideas how such a bug can be effectively reported to Ubuntu (if it
hasn't been reported yet) - and how one may get more details?
I would appreciate any idea/help/info - especially as such a bug should
not be present in the comming stable LTS release of Ubuntu.
Many thanks in advance!

Best wishes, JMB