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Thread: Ralink RT3090BC4

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    Ralink RT3090BC4

    I have an eeepc 900 16gb and wanted to update the wifi card to support 802.11n, among many other upgrades. I also currently use a bluetooth dongle, alot. To free up a usb slot, and stop loosing the dongle, I want to try and get a dual wifi/bluetooth pci-e mini card.

    Now I know ralink is good with linux, even if I need a firmware blob. But since the RT3090BC4 also has bluetooth, I wanted to ask first if there is any problems.

    Should I go with the RT3090BC4, or is there a better bluetooth/wifi pci-e mini card for linux?
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    Re: Ralink RT3090BC4

    Hi ,
    i under Xubuntu 12.04 beta
    i have a HP 4525s , i had a lot of problem of wifi connexion with the
    original Wifi mini PCIE card bought with aka a Broadcom 4313 .
    ( for exemple i couldn't connect to free hotspot in mc donald in france then
    in spain where i am now or Hotspot in supermarket..) so i change for a better brand : ralink ( ad least they made drivers for linux for their chipset ).

    So for the wireless the rt3090BC4 is very good . No comparison with the shitt*
    broadcom. More AP , cnx more reliable etc..

    But i cannot make work the bluetooth motorola module . It seems recognize
    but even when it's activated it _never_ found any other BT device .
    And other device never saw the notebook !!!..

    I have found other people complaining with the same issue..

    So : as a wireless wifi card i will recommand it !
    as a BT card ...guess what :^)

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