Hi Everybody,

I recently founded a project that should interest any Linux-centric musicians. It is a 2 part project:

1. A development framework to make writing DSSI instruments and effects easier(especially the hardcore advanced calculus and signal processing parts)

2. A suite of plugins written with the development framework. Currently, there is one synthesizer and 4 effects.

The library and all plugins are GPLv3 licensed.

Screenshots of the plugins here:


Pre-packaged .debs here:


I've tested the plugins in Qtractor and jack-dssi-host. I haven't tested them in Rosegarden yet, but I'm pretty sure they should work there too.

I'm not advocating developers to use the library yet, as the API is still changing, and for that reason has little documentation. However, I do expect it to be finished in the next 2 months or so.