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Thread: Win7 disc: error in VirtualBox

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    Win7 disc: error in VirtualBox

    Hello there,

    A year or so ago, I installed Win7 (from the disc that came with my laptop) as a virtualbox on Lucid. Later, I removed it.

    Lately, I was meaning on installing a new box, but I keep getting a boot error. Please, see the attached images for details.

    Can anyone figure what's going wrong?

    [Dell Studio XPS 1640] [Core2Duo P8700 2.53GHz] [500/4GB][ATI Radeon HD 4670] [12.04/Win7]
    [Dell Inspiron 8600] [? 1.73GHz] [80/1 GB] [-] [10.04/XP]
    [No Brand] [PIII (Coppermine) 1GHz] [80GB/248 MB] [-] [#!/lubuntu 11.10/XP]

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