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Thread: Fans and Backlight

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    Fans and Backlight

    I have the most recent Ubuntu, and my Macbook Pro version is 5,5
    I have visited several sites seeking information on fan controls and backlight configuration. So far, nothing is working, and the packages they suggested are no longer supported.

    The fans are running at full all the time, which is loud and killing my battery life. The keyboard backlight works fine.

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    Re: Fans and Backlight

    Try here:

    Replace RELEASE with the first part of the release name.
    i.e. Lucid for Lucid Lynx, Oneiric for Oneiric Ocelot and so on.

    When you get to an appropriate page, look for a Sound section. See if that helps you.

    If not, are you doing anything special with your system? Like compiling a kernel, installing the JACK server or something involving mucking about with the guts of your system?

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