Sorry, this post is not Ubuntu specific. I hope someone has some suggestions though...

I started looking into browser security again, and looked at NoScript, AdBlocker Plus etc, and I saw the Collusion demo which I've been using to verify that the add-ons are working.

Then I came across the mvps hosts file solution: hosts file re-directs dodgy sites to my local address.

I have a general question about these solutions:

When I have this hosts file in place (verified that traceroute does indeed point to my local IP), web browsing with Firefox _still_ shows in the status bar that it is trying to load sites like, and sites still load slowly, as they try to load the page.

When I enable NoScript, I no longer see that Firefox is even trying to load those domains, and the pages load substantially faster.

Is using the hosts file "slow" compared to using NoScript, or is it just that NoScript disables a ton of other stuff that a hosts file does not catch?