The GNOME Foundation and several companies that support GNOME will be sponsoring several internships for women from May through August, 2012. Any woman interested in working on GNOME who has not previously participated in a GNOME internship is welcome to apply, provided she is available for a full-time internship during this time period. This program is open to anyone who identifies herself as a woman. Because the program is intended to help newcomers and contributors who are relatively new to the GNOME community to get more involved, we unfortunately can't accept past participants of the Outreach Program for Women internships or those who participated in Google Summer of Code with the GNOME project. However, if past participants are eligible to apply for Google Summer of Code, they are more than welcome to do so to work on the GNOME project.

The internship is expected to be a full-time effort, meaning that the participants must be able to spend 40 hours a week on their project. Participants will work remotely from home. Because IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is one of the primary means of communication within free software projects, participants should be present on their project's IRC channel while working. They will also be expected to communicate electronically with other project members via other means, including Bugzilla comments, mailing list discussion, blog posts, and personal e-mail. Participants will be expected to blog at least once every two weeks about their work and their blog posts will be aggregated on Planet GNOME.

The GNOME Foundation will provide each participant with a $5,000 (USD) stipend. $500 will be sent on May 24 to participants who have begun their internships, $2250 on July 16 to participants in good standing with their mentors, and $2250 on August 27 to participants who have successfully completed their internships.
More information on this fantastic opportunity can be found here.