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Thread: No microphone boost 12.04 NVidia CK804

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    No microphone boost 12.04 NVidia CK804

    I can not enable the +20 boost for my microphone using alsamixer in the 64 bit Beta 12.04. AlsaMixer identifies the device as NVidia CK804 and identifies the "Mic Boost" setting as on/off +20, but the up/down arrows do not change the setting. With the gain on the microphone set to the maximum, it is barely audible and effectively unusable. Is there a workaround?

    Item: Mic Boost (+20dB) [Off]

    I have this working well enough now. I installed the Gnome Alsa Mixer from the Ubuntu Software Center (USC); I believe this can be accomplished from the command line as
    sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer
    . The setting is available from that mixer.

    On a related note, I found that (at least in 12.04) Skype:
    1. uses the pulse audio server, which you may need to install
    2. the volume settings on the microphone are very different between pulse audio an the sound recorder app
    3. Skype does not sign out properly if I just close the app and I need to sign back in under Windows to reset the condition.
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