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Thread: Cinelerra - audio fubar

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    Question Cinelerra - audio fubar

    Well, it's not that bad but....I recently installed Cinelerra in the hope that it would outperform Openshot and it does! It's just about awesome....if I could just get the audio to work right. I followed all the advice I could find, plus messing around for days but I just can't get it right. I'm importing AVI from a Nikon video camera. I've tried all the settings. The best is one called Esound to port 7007 and then adjusting the sync but it's still far from good. It has a nasty screech as well as degraded quality of recorded sounds. I'm really not expecting a reply.
    But I'd sure love one!

    Oh! Just remembered, I had audio problems with Openshot too, so it's probably some hardware thing. Open shot audio was decent but then when I edited clips I'd get feedback.

    I can't figure out how to remove this post so I'll just edit to indicate, for those who are interested, that I solved my problem by downloading a video converter: winff. Apparently Cinelerra doesn't do .avi. Converting to another format (dvd) did the trick. Now it's working perfectly!
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