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Thread: Ping not working in the terminal

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    Re: Ping not working in the terminal

    Quote Originally Posted by beto1211 View Post
    But that's is my work PC, from the company I work. It's necessary to use proxy to access the internet
    It would have helped if you had said that in your post; a corporate network with a proxy is quite something else than a home network.

    Anyway: you could try to ping the proxy, thus

    BTW: does your company provide Ubuntu systems, or is this your personal system?
    And: did you configure the proxy setting on your Ubuntu system yourself, or did it happen automagically?

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    Re: Ping not working in the terminal

    I forgot to mention that it was a computer on a corporate network. Sorry.

    Ping at proxy:

    PING ( 56 (84) bytes of data.
    64 bytes from icmp_req = 1 ttl = 64 time = 0243 ms
    64 bytes from icmp_req = 2 ttl = 64 time = 0216 ms
    64 bytes from icmp_req = 3 ttl = 64 time = 0196 ms
    64 bytes from icmp_req = 4 ttl = 64 time = 0236 ms
    C ^
    --- ping statistics ---
    4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 2997ms
    rtt min / avg / max / mdev = 0.196/0.222/0.243/0.025 ms

    Not all computers in my company use ubuntu. Only me and a few more, because I asked. The other option was the Win XP, that I had enough.

    The proxy confuguration proxy on my machine (the proxy settings of the network) was made by my company's technical support. Currently, we are without a support person, so I am trying to solve the problem myself.

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