Just a friendly reminder to the community about the potential for Ubuntu membership via Forums Participation.

Applying for membership can seem like an intimidating process, with a number of steps, form launchpad page, to gpg signed CoC, to testimonials, but don't let that fool you

The staff is here to help you if you have questions or problems.

In addition we do have an IRC channel for the forums, #ubuntuforums on freenode. I have asked those staff who use IRC to be available on this channel as well.

Keep in mind, the idea we are trying to foster is friendship and community, so come on in from the cold =)

Along those lines, we are working at integrating the Ubuntu Forums with the greater Ubuntu Community (irc, wiki, MOTU, askubuntu, etc). Future staff will be selected from the pool of Ubuntu Forums Members, so I would also ask the community in general to encourage those who you feel you would like to see on staff to apply for membership as well.