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Thread: xubuntu trash can missing completely?

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    Angry xubuntu trash can missing completely?


    I have been messing around with my xubuntu today. Firstly I installed pcmanfm instead of thunar. So I thought to free up disk space I would remove thunar, but in doing so I had an old wallpaper of mine come up and a strange menu bar at the top of the screen (pic below). I went into synaptic package manager and re-added what I thought was all the files I had accidentally deleted, but I found when I was trying to access my trash icon, it was opening up nautilus and the same old background and menu and menu bar. So, I thought I would remove nautilus as I thought that was what was causing the issue, (I don't know why I thought that - please don't laugh at me).

    Now I have no trash whatsoever and I tried deleting a couple of meaningless txt files and they seem to just disappear never to return, as if they have been permanently deleted.

    How do I reinstall the trash?

    I'm thinking about just reinstalling xubuntu if this doesn't work...

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    Re: xubuntu trash can missing completely?

    The trash should show on the left side of Thunar or whatever file manger you use.

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