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Thread: Dual Boot Windows 7, Ubuntu on GPT Hard Drive

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    Re: Dual Boot Windows 7, Ubuntu on GPT Hard Drive

    I don't know all the details about gpt but from what I have seen this can show up if the disk was used (or it came with) a gpt table and you created a new blank msdos table. Windows deletes the main gpt table and creates a msdos, but it doesn't create the backup gpt table. In these cases linux gets confused if the table is msdos or gpt and what is true or false.

    You seem to know your computer. Are you using msdos or gpt table? If you are using msdos and the problem is that windows didn't delete the backup gpt table, fixparts (mentioned earlier) can fix this. Just run it, it detects that you are using msdos but that you have backup gpt table and will ask you if you want to delete it. That should sort out the issue.

    If you are using gpt it seems something got corrupted. Not sure what's best to do in that case.
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    Re: Dual Boot Windows 7, Ubuntu on GPT Hard Drive

    It looks like you had the gpt table and when installing Windows in MBR mode it deleted the primary gpt table.

    FixParts is the easiest way to remove the stray GPT data. GPT fdisk (gdisk or sgdisk) can do it, but the procedure's a bit more involved.
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